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The Half-Life of Knowledge

Never before has change been so omnipresent like today. And never before has it been more important to stay up-to-date and to expand ones knowledge. Such statements can be seen a lot. And they are true! Big Data, the hot topic of the past months, confirms this.


Data Revolution Blog:

The Lucky Bag: WLAN

Data has become the new gold in the Big Data era. When you look at the business value of companies such as, AirBnB or Uber you can see the immense value of data. All these companies would have no basis for existence without the data they are generating.

Hotels also create huge amounts of data. One massive data source is the WLAN, a system hardly anyone pays attention to or makes use of. This, however, is a big mistake! There are calculations according to which a 200-room hotel gives up around 280,000 Euros per year by not tapping into this potential.


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