Be smart: cash in on your wireless investment!

SMARTwireless re-invents the way Wi-Fi is used today. In 99,9% of all hotels WLAN is a pure cost centre, a commodity for guests not willing to pay. Streaming videos and more and more devices require ongoing investments in hardware and software. With SMARTwireless you turn your Wi-Fi into a profit centre. Leverage from our knowledge based on the leading Central Data Management platform dailypoint™ and bring your CRM, your service level and your operations to the next level with the help of automated created knowledge coming from the air!


Be smart and turn the available unstructured and almost useless wireless data into highly valuable asset. With dailypoint™ hotels collect a massive amount of structured data, the basis for a strong ROI for each WLAN investment.


dailypoint™ connects smartphone, tablet or pc with its user. This gives hotels the opportunity to use the collected data in a very significant way. Leverage the power of Big Data. dailypoint™ tells you who your customers really are, where they are and what they want, without asking.


The new knowledge is the basis for a targeted marketing, on-site cross selling, a better guest recognition and an improved service level. Use the data for a workforce optimization! With dailypoint™ you can reach about 80% of your guests during and after the stay, without the need for an app!

Turn your WIFI Data into knowledge

Transform your WLAN invest into a profit center

Create more insights as you imagine

Communicate in real time with your guests without an APP

Learn who your customers are !

„Our guests expect a hotel with Free Wi-Fi everywhere in a very high quality. With SMARTwireless we have the chance to get a return for the enourmes investments for hardware, software and bandwidth. It is a very smart way to finance a Hotel Wi-Fi in a Big Data world. With dailypoint™ SMARTwireless we have today complete guest profiles from about 80% of our hotel guests including interests and preferences. This pushes our CRM and cross-selling activities enormously. On top we are able to optimize the guest service and also our workforce planning.“ Holger Behrens

CEO, Rilano Hotels & Resorts

New contacts per week


Of hotels do not ask for the contact details

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

dp SmartWireless boost the results of your CRM by up to 300%

Cloud based solution

Part of dailypoint CDM platform

It grows with your needs

dailypoint™ SMARTwireless

The smart way to finance a hotel Wi-Fi environement
  • Massive collection of consumer data

  • Up to 3 times more complete guest profiles

  • Targeted cross-selling on-site

  • Better guest recognition / service

  • Supports a more effective opertions

  • Boosts return from CRM activities

  • Support direct bookings

  • Part of the dailypoint™ Central Data Management platform

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